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It can be incredibly hard to get motivated – whether you are attempting to adopt a healthier eating plan, engage in a regular gym routine or just accomplish a reasonable health goal. You’re not alone – so many of us

struggle with Self-Motivation, or the ability to just do what needs to be done. Through practice, though, it is possible to master Self-Motivation.

Here are a few strategies to help you get started.

Choose Your Priorities.

Have To’s and Must’s bring a lot of extra stress into our lives -­‐ which is why we generally avoid them. Get rid of your Have Tos’s by choosing your priorities ahead of time -­‐ don’t tell yourself that you CAN’T have an office donut, tell yourself that you prioritize your body over the sweet treat. When you want to sleep in, remind yourself that your goals are more important than sleep.

Build Your Momentum.

Every time you make a good choice -­‐ whether you made it to the gym or you ate within your diet plan for a whole day -­‐ you feel accomplished. You feel a little more capable of accomplishing your goals. Ride that wave! Use that sense of accomplishment to power you into the next day, and then the next. Before you know it, what was once a one-­‐time thing becomes your regular lifestyle.

Focus on Your “Next”.

Whatcomes next for you? Are you goingto fit into that dress? Are you going to enjoy your family more than you did before? Whateveryour “Next” is, keep that as your main focus. That should be the reason you get to the gym, or the reason you say no to the office donuts today.

Believe In Yourself. In the words of Taylor Swift -­‐ haters gonna hate. Don’t let your inner voice be one of thehaters. Surround yourself with things that make you feel motivated -­‐ write yourself encouraging words on sticky notes and post them on the mirror. Listen to motivational videos as you walk out the door. End each day by telling yourself three ways you succeeded today. Do everything you can to make sure YOU are your biggest cheerleader.


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