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Who We Are

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Often times there is much confusion as to what a personal training studio is and how it works vs. a traditional "Gym". Take a moment to see "How It Works" and see how easy it is for you to begin your fitness Journey.



Once you've decided to make a change for yourself simply schedule your free assessment where you will.

  • Find Lean Body Mass

  • Set Goals

  • Take Fit Test

  • Review Health History

  • Find Fat Mass

  • Body Measurements

  • Diet Plan Review



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            Review Your Results

Once you've finished with your assessment you will review your results with a trainer where you will.

  • Review your assessment

  • Develop a custom program route

  • Figure out availability

  • Develop a program budget

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            Find A Program

Once you've reviewed your results you will now find the program that fits with your goals, budget and busy time schedule.

  • Look at class and trainers times

  • Review each program as it pertains to your goals.

  • Weigh the pros of each program to see which is best for you

  • Sign up for your first month, and set a time for a reassessment in one month.

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