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V02 Max Testing.


Many people are inefficient exercisers, with no understanding of what heart rate, intensity or duration would best help them reach their specific goals such as fat burning, endurance training, or cardio conditioning. An initial VO₂ Max test can clarify the precise target heart rates that will enable each individual to exercise more effectively, with less fatigue and fewer injuries. Periodic retesting provides motivating feedback as the fitness program progresses. Studies show that previously sedentary people training at 75% of aerobic power for 30 minutes, 3 times a week over 6 months increase VO₂ Max an average of 15-20%.

Guy doing v02 max test
woman doing v02 max test
v02 max results

Why Test?


Even though extensive training can sometimes cause an athlete to reach a plateau in VO₂ Max, he can still use his VO₂ Max test results to make further improvements in performance. This is accomplished as he pushes to increase anaerobic threshold (AT) and maintain that threshold for longer periods of time. This enhances both endurance and cardiovascular performance.

The Day of The Test


  • Complete the Exercise Readiness Questionnaire (ERQ) or Participate Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ).

  • Dress in comfortable exercise attire.

  • Refrain from exercise or endurance training for 24-hours prior to test.

  • Avoid food, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine for at least 3 hours before testing.

  • Continue medications as usual.

  • Exercise warm-up per usual routine.

  • The Test and After


  • You will put on a mask and heart rate strap. The mask is connected to the device via the VO₂ hose.

  • You will exercise on a stationary device such as a bicycle, treadmill, or stair stepper. They gradually increase their intensity over a period of 6 to 20 minutes until the testl indicates the anaerobic threshold has been detected. At this point, you may stop exercising and begin a cool down phase.

  • We will compile the data, analyzes the results and will print a fitness profile in a simple, insightful report where exercise zones are identified. Trainers can further customize your workout by using your now accurate results.

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