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Free Fitness Assessment & Nutritional Evaluation

woman who lost weight before and after photograph
man who lost weight, before and after picture

Getting Fit and Healthy Has Never Been Easier

Getting fit has never been easier, with our 3 step method we've produced tremendous results. We've perfected the science of hacking into the body's ability to burn fat and build muscle with our 3 step method.

Step 1. Assessment:

We will take you though a fitness and conditioning test after we fill out a little bit of paperwork to get to know you, your health history and your goals. This will tell us your mobility, range of motion, strength level, current conditioning level, along with your lean and fat mass. Once we finish our initial assessment we will move on to our second step. 

Step 2. Planning:

Each person has their own individual sets of needs, goals, obstacles, strengths and weaknesses. We consider all of these factors when creating, or placing you in a program that will help you be successful, no matter what the goal. 

Step 3. Execution:

Having the accountability of a Certified Personal Trainer, or Coach makes all the difference in the world. All of our programs are run, managed or directed by a fitness professional who will make sure your form is always correct, your appointments are always kept and your goals always reached. 

To speak with our Assessment department to get signed up for your complementary fitness assessment, give us a call 770-614-7236 or Just Click here to make an appointment. Tell us a little about your situation and we will get you in ASAP. 

Intense Training

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Elastic Band Exercises

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