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Getting The Most Out Of Your Squats |Which Squat Are You?

When it comes to doing legs, there are typically two schools of thought, you either love it or hate it, there doesn't seem to be too much inbetween. We will look at different forms, some correct and some very wrong, how diffent degrees of flexion affect which muscle group we are trying to work and how to get the most out of each lower body workout and exercise.

One of these is correct, making the other two WRONG can you tell which one you are?

The first image is the correct form for a squat. The middle image is someone who would perform a 1/2 squat. The last or third image is a recipe for diasater. When trying to perform a back squat you are looking for three different things, blance, posture and flexibility. The balance aspect comes from the

Learning the different degerees of flexion

Proper Squats with Balance

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