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The CORRECT Way To Run

So many times we hear, "man, I wish I could run like them", or "I'm not a runner". Tho there are many factors that play a part in being an accomplished runner, most of us can gain the full benefits of using running or jogging for most to be an extremely effective stress reliever, conditiioning tool, weight loss catalyst and pulmonary developer. It's true that most of us will not be olympic distance runners or possess the quality, trairts or gentics for that matter to pull that off; we can start to enjoy a way to exercise that is cheap and effective. Any good running program begins with proper form which will be the subject of our topic. When discussing form running there are 4 things we will focus on. Posture, arm placement, foot strike, and cadence. Below is a chart that we will be referencing, notice the differences in each of the comparisions and visually begin to make the differnces to see an improvement in your run.

When it comes to being an accomplished runner there are many factors, but posture is argueably the most important. It's from having good posture that opens up our lungs to be able to ingest a sufficent amount of oxygen to supply to all of our moving parts. Our posture should be slightly tilted forward as opposed to leaning upright or back, this will allow us to engage our core, mainly our abdominals, while allowing our lower back to rest durning down hill or flat portions of the run. Balance is important when doing any type of exercise or movment, it should always be our goal to reamin balanced. In regards to running, we are posturaly "out of balance" when our head is behind our center stride point. Think about keeping yoru momentum moving forward in the direction you are going.

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