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Making Your Workouts Matter

If your goal is to lose body fat or build endurance for events lasting longer than 90 minutes, you will make the most

of your workouts knowing what your body uses for fuel and at what heart rate zone you should be working in.

To lose body fat, carb burners, also known as sugar burners, need to get rid of the sugar in their blood before their body will use stored fat as energy thus losing fat mass. Because carb burners already have sugar in their blood, carbs should be reduced in their diet. To build endurance, carb burners do not need to "carb load" or add extra carbs to their diet. They already have the extra storage of glycogen in their cells. Carbs supply glycogen to the cells which is converted into a usable form of energy. Carb burners need to do more cardio to burn more calories to get rid of the sugar in their blood first and then use their stored fat

A fat burner will burn their stored fat as energy which makes it a little easier to lose weight.

To lose body fat, fat burners burn their stored fat. It is easier for a fat burner to burn fat because they don't have excess sugar in their blood so the body goes straight to the fuel source, which is their fat mass. To build endurance, fat burners would need to supplement their diet with carbohydrates. They would need the extra sugar to convert into glycogen for energy.

The VO2 Max test tells you exactly where your heartrate should be to burn fat and carbs. Wearing a heartrate monitor ensures that you are working in the zones that align with your goals; burning body fat or building endurance. Once you've taken your VO2 Max test, your CardioCoach app is an excellent portable tool that will help coach you through your personal workout zones. It will also track the number of carbs and fats you burn during your workout.

Taking a VO2 Max test every 12 weeks ensures that you are working in your current target heart rate zones to continue to meet your goals. Whether your goal is to lose body fat or build endurance, working in your target heart rate zone will get you there quicker. Make your workouts smarter not harder.


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