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Little Treats can be Tricky

It's Halloween, of course you may indulge in one bite sized candy bar to celebrate. Just be aware of how those little bite sized candy bars add up to big calories and an extra workout.

  • One 60-calorie Crunch bar means 150 crunches.

  • It takes 7 minutes of jogging at a 10-minute-mile pace to burn off the 110 calories from a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

  • Do you have 26 minutes to do Pilates? That’s how long it takes to burn the 63 calories in a 3 Musketeers.

  • 17 minutes of burpees are required to burn off the calories in a bite-sized Snickers (160 calories).

  • It takes 225 sit-ups or 14 minutes of lunges to work off about 19 pieces of the Halloween classic, Candy Corn.

  • 90 calories worth of Peanut M&M’s means 13 minutes of hiking.

  • If you prefer fruity candy over chocolate, you need to do 534 jumping jacks to cancel out roughly 16 Skittles totaling 80 calories.

Don't let those little treats trick you!


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