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Learn to Love the Gym

When making going to the gym a forever change, start small. Consider a gym close to home to eliminate any excuse of not scheduling it in - and then learn to love the gym for the following reasons:

Social Enrichment. When going to the gym several times a week, you'll notice the regulars and may make new friends that can help keep you accountable.

Year Round Exercise. Whether it's 100 degrees, freezing cold or raining outside, being a member of a gym enables you to get a workout no matter the weather. And with a variety of equipment to choose from, from cardio to weights and classes, you'll have no reason rain or shine to not get to the gym.

Classes. Gyms typically offer a variety of classes that are fun and prevent you from getting bored.

Goal Setting. Whether tracking your goals on your own using the latest exercise app, following recommendations of your healthcare practitioner, or following expert advice from personal trainers at your gym, you can set attainable goals. And when you accomplish them, get a boost in confidence that is powerful motivator to keep going.

Self Acceptance. Check out the gym at different times of the day. Find the time where you fit in and by seeing people of all ages, shapes and sizes, it'll help you accept your own figure.

Fun. When you are a kid, you run and play because it's fun! When you embrace this mindset when going to the gym, you will look forward to it as opposed to thinking of it as another chore on your to-do list.

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