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Jumpstart Your Workout Routine

You've been working out for a while. You've lost some weight, you've lost some body fat. You are consistent with your workouts. You made changes. You made sacrifices. And now you've slowed down or stopped. Nothing is changing. Here are some tips to get your routine jumpstarted.

Do the Math

3500 calories equals 1 pound of fat. How can you burn more calories working out to burn that 1 pound of fat?

* If you only come 3 days a week for bootcamp or small group, add another day to your week.

* If you walk on your off days from the gym, try running on those days.

* Park your car in the back of the parking lot and walk/run to your destination.

Track Your Fitness Progress

Tracking your fitness can help you identify whether you're experiencing a plateau and what you can change to overcome it — and using more than one method can help you see where you're still making progress!

* If you have taken your RMR, are you using the CardioCoach workout tracker? It gives you a comprehensive workout summary. It not only tells how many calories you've burned but how many of those calories came from fat and how many came from carbs.

* Are you wearing your heartrate monitor to the gym everyday? If so, you will get an email from Sculpt with your workout summary after each workout. This summary includes how many minutes you worked in each zone and how many calories you burned in each zone as well as a summary for the week and the month. There are 5 zones: red is cardio, orange is endurance, green is efficient fat burner, blue is recovery and brown is at rest. Workout in the zone that matches your goals.

* Do you spin? Would you like to add spin to your routine? Have you downloaded the Spivi app? After each class you receive an email with your class summary as well as earn Spivi points.

Add Some Weight

Strength training improves your strength, endurance and skeletal muscle size while protecting your joints from injury during other activities. Building muscle can also help boost your metabolic rate.

* Increase the weight with each set. If you are in bootcamp and you always did kettlebell swings with a 20# KB, grab the 35# KB. If you are in small group and you've always done 35# on the leg extenstion, bump up the weight to 40#.

* When doing abs; during bootcamp or small group, grab a KB or med ball to push yourself that much more.

* If you've ever only thrown a 15# med ball over the cage, start throwing a 20# med ball.

Push Your Cardio

Building endurance and stamina requires you to push yourself. Go a little further and run a little faster. Make these changes consistently. They can be small changes at first but will add up over time.

* If you normally walk on the deathmill, try running on the deathmill.

* If you normally only get to 500 watts on the air bike, push yourself to increase your watts to 600.

* When running laps outside, push yourself to get back a little faster each set.


Not eating the right calories or eating too many calories will stop your progress in its tracks.

* Add more lean protein to your diet.

* Make some simple swags with your food. For example instead of rice, use cauliflower rice. Instead of eating whole eggs, eat egg whites.

* If you haven't had your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test done, do it. It's a game changer. This test tells you the exact number of calories you should be eating to lose weight and how many of those calories should be fats, carbs & proteins.


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