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Achieving Goals Through Accountabity

Each new and innovative workout routine or diet plan always begins with the hope

that this time we will actually see success. We start and restart our diets and workout

routines because nothing seems to stick. What a lot of people don’t realize is a key

factor of success in any weight loss or fitness plan is that of accountability.

Being accountable is more than just reporting your success once you’ve reached your goals

– it’s about accepting responsibility for the goals you set. It affects your attitude toward

your plan when you start out and helps you stay strong when things get hard.

It is often helpful to be accountable to others. Reporting back to someone else keeps us

honest and thoughtful about our choices.

Here are 3 ways you can include others as you strive to achieve your goals:

Choose a Support Buddy

This person is both your cheerleader and your drill sergeant. As such, you might consider

what kind of support will really make a difference for you. Do you need someone to

workout with you or someone to swap babysitting so that each of you can go to the gym

separately? Also, ask yourself, what does encouragement mean to you? For some it means

hearing kind and supportive words. For others it means having someone come by and

literally drag them out of bed to exercise.

Join an Online Community

If you don’t really need face to face contact, maybe the anonymity of the internet is best for

you. Online support groups are readily available and can connect you with others in similar

circumstances. These groups utilize chat rooms, forums, text messaging, and sometimes even

financial incentives to hold each other accountable.

Hire a Personal Trainer or Weight Loss Counselor

As with your buddy, your trainer or counselor will be waiting for you to work out, follow

up on your good intentions or talk you through your late night cravings. You will also

have the added incentive that this relationship represents an investment of your hard

earned cash. Additionally, as professionals, these people should be a source of reliable

information and be trusted to steer you in the right direction.


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