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6th Annual Hangry Run
"Ending hunger one step at a time".

Running Group
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Every day we have the opportunity to impact someone's life in a positive way, but most of us fall short in doing this consistently. Getting distracted with our own needs, own goals, own family, friends, work and children, the thought of "others" easily slips our minds. The Hangry Run is just another opportunity to do such stewardship to offer assistance to those who struggle with having enough to eat. Each year we donate all proceeds to a local co-op, food bank or food ministry that have made it their mission to help others. 

Every day millions of Americans go without enough food to eat, statistically that's 1-8. Though that number has greatly reduced from 1 in 6 that were hungry 5 years ago there is still lots of work to do. Your registration goes to directly help those affected. Every cent raised will go to putting on this fundraiser and all proceeds are then used to help those in need.

So grab your friends, running shoes and a smile and help us take one more step to ending hunger in our communities, and continue to be the change that we want to see. 

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