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Alpha 100 Prime

January 5 -April 13

It’s not news to anyone that today’s problems are very different from those of yesteryear. This new reality has given us modern conveniences that have enriched our lives, helped us to live longer, and more worry-free lives. The cost, however, has riveled those of the benefits. We are sicker, larger around, unhealthier, take more medications and live a lower quality of life in parts, compared to that of our predecessors. Yes, in some cases those years are longer, but at what cost? There is a difference between being alive versus living.


Some of those things that caused our past selves to struggle also made them more resilient, more determined, more focused and thus producing the good days that we see ourselves benefiting from today. However, it has left us lazy, weak, allergic, entitled, complacent, unappreciative, spoiled and vulnerable. Some of these we can't control, as for the rest, we're accountable.


Alpha 100 Prime is looking to correct those things, one habit, one day, one rep at a time. Most people who don’t accomplish goals in general, are for one or more of these 5 basic reasons. Lack of motivation, Unrealistic expectations, External challenges, Burnout or Loss of interest. Most successful individuals have solved most of those problems, to go on and live productive lives, setting and conquering goals on a semiregular basis. However, the top 5 reasons those same individuals do not reach their health goals are completely different. Those reasons are, Inconsistent or poorly structured Training, Unbalanced nutrition, Lack of Accountability and motivation, Setting unrealistic goals, and lastly one of the biggest is the Failure to adapt to changes.




Fortunately, Alpha 100 Prime has solved for those reasons, with our 5 Pillars of Prime, and will implement one positive character change to neutralize each hurdle. Those Pillars are; Consistency, Dedication, Discipline, Intensity and Grit.


1.Inconsistent or Poorly Structured Training:

  • Issue: Lack of consistency in workout routines or following poorly designed exercise plans.

  • Impact: Inconsistent training can impede progress, and inadequate workout structures may not effectively target specific fitness goals.

  • Improvement: Consistency: Being consistent with your routines will not only help you build a stronger foundation but will also give you the strength to conquer each day.

2. Unbalanced Nutrition:

  • Issue: Poor dietary choices, inadequate nutrition, or not aligning food intake with fitness goals.

  • Impact: Nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving fitness objectives. Failing to provide the body with the necessary nutrients can hinder progress and limit the effectiveness of workouts.

  • Improvement:Dedication: Dedicating yourself to a structured meal plan that includes making the right choices, along with avoiding the wrong is an instant win for yourself.

3. Lack of Accountability and Motivation:

  • Issue: Absence of a support system or accountability mechanisms.

  • Impact: Without external motivation or support, individuals may struggle to stay committed to their fitness routines. Lack of accountability can lead to inconsistency and a higher likelihood of abandoning goals.

  • Improvement:Discipline: Doing the things that you need to be doing, whether you want to or not, motivated or not, feeling it or not, comes down to being disciplined.

4. Setting Unrealistic Goals:

  • Issue: Establishing fitness goals that are too ambitious or not aligned with one's current fitness level.

  • Impact: Unrealistic goals can be demotivating and lead to frustration. It's important to set achievable milestones that provide a sense of accomplishment and progression.

  • Improvement:Intensity: Setting your mind to something with all intents and purposes is the first step, the next step, is to have a level of intensity that is going to match the measure of change you want to see.

5. Failure to Adapt to Changes:

  • Issue: Resistance to adjusting fitness plans in response to changing circumstances or plateaus.

  • Impact: As the body adapts to exercise routines, it may reach a plateau. Without modifications to the training program, progress can stall, and individuals may become disheartened.

  • Improvement: GRIT: Grit is the ability to push through tough situations when the end is nowhere in sight. The only assurance you have is that you have breath in your lungs and a beat in your chest, so that means that there’s still a chance and that change is coming.


The Program overview:

Set goals!

Fill out your goals questionnaire on the website.

Start a daily routine that you do not skip or miss.

Once your goals are filled out, I will look them over and we will set a game plan for your 100-day challenge. You will have what we will refer to as “everyday’s” this will be different for each person based on your specific goals. But once set, it’s what you do on a daily basis.

No Alcohol or Smoking

There is a laundry list of reasons why to not smoke or drink, if it’s that important to you, remember it’s only 100 days and if the benefits you get aren’t worth it, then do what you do.

Go on a monitored meal plan/diet.

Schedule with Lily to take your RMR so you can have the CORRECT macros to follow a plan.

Weigh Weekly

We will weigh each week to adjust where necessary. This will keep our body fat and lean muscle mass trending in the right direction, along with giving us the most up to date information on your progress.

Ruck/Ride or Run… A long way once a week

Research shows that exercise movement for 2 or more hours outside (not yard work or watching your kids’ game) can decrease the chance of dementia, reduce stress and add up to 7 years to your life.

Set and Stick to a Bedtime

Sleeping is crucial to brain function, recovery and mood. Setting and sticking to a routine is critical.

Stay Uncomfortable

As uncomfortable as this sounds, and contrary to our daily creature comfort quests, it keeps you sharp, alert and more able to adjust to change.


This isn’t just for those sadistic types, suffering reminds us that just because things aren’t ideal, we can still make progress. Just because you’re tired, sore, it’s cold, or you’re hungry, doesn’t mean you need to quit or not show up. Suffering is a reminder that we are tougher than some of the daily situations that will pop up, cutting off the option for the opportunity to go run and emotionally eat or have that drink. Suffer, it’s okay.


REMEMBER! At the end of the day, it's ALWAYS, YOU versus YOU, you're doing this for YOU, give it ALL YOU'VE GOT!


It's time to, Feed your dreams and Starve your distractions!


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